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Exam Name: LPIC-2 Exam 201

Updated: 2021-12-02

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Question No : 1

Which file tells GRUB the paths of the filesystem partitions in both Linux format and in the GRUB syntax? (Specify the file name only with no path information)
Answer: device.map

Question No : 2

Why is the root file system mounted read-only during boot and remounted with write permission later on?
A. Because if problems with the root file system are detected during the boot, fsck can be run, without risk of damage.
B. Because this way crackers cannot collect information about root with boot sniffers.
C. To avoid writing to the disk, unless the root password is known.
D. To avoid other operating systems overwriting the Linux root partition.
E. Because the disk has its own write protection that cannot be changed by the operating system.
Answer: A

Question No : 3

Which of the following are common Linux filesystem types used for root partitions? (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. ext4
E. Btrfs
Answer: A, D, E

Question No : 4

In the below example output, which columns detail the percent of time the CPU spent running non-kernel code and the percent of time the CPU spent running kernel code? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
# vmstat 1 100
procs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- --system-- ----cpu----
r b swpd free buff
cache si so bi
bo in cs us sy id wa
0 0 0 282120 134108 5797012
0 0 0
2 0 0 0 0 100 0
0 0 0 282120 134108 5797012
0 0 0 0
1007 359 0 0 100 0
0 0 0 282120 134108 5797012
0 0 0 0
1117 577 0 0 100 0
0 0 0 282120 134108 5797012
0 0 0 0
1007 366 0 0 100 0
A. id
B. us
C. wa
D. sy
Answer: B, D

Question No : 5

The main configuration file for autofs has this entry:
/home /etc/auto.home
What is the meaning of the /etc/auto.home file?
A. It has the indirect maps for the mounting of file systems.
B. It has configuration information, such as passwords and keys, for the remote file server.
C. It has configuration information on settings for the /home mount point.
D. It is the holds the SSL key to allow authentication to the remote file server.
Answer: A

Question No : 6

The correct command sequence to create and mount logical volumes on a Linux system is:
A. lvcreate, pvcreate, vgcreate, mkfs, mount
B. pvcreate, vgcreate, lvcreate, mkfs, mount
C. vgcreate, lvcreate, pvcreate, mount, mkfs
D. mkfs, pvcreate, vgcreate, lvcreate, mount
E. pvcreate, lvcreate, vgcreate, mkfs, mount
Answer: B

Question No : 7

What is the purpose of the command udevadm monitor?
A. It listens to kernel events produced by a udev rule and print information to the console.
B. It monitors the /dev directory for new devices.
C. It monitors the udev process and prints performance statistics to the console.
D. It communicates with D-Bus to setup new devices.
Answer: A

Question No : 8

On a server running the 3.4.50-11 Linux kernel, which file in the /boot directory contains the kernel configuration parameters?
A. config-linux-3.4.50-11
B. config-3.4.50-11
C. system-3.4.50-11
D. vmlinuz-3.4.50-11
E. rc.config-3.4.50-11
Answer: B

Question No : 9

What are the main network services used by the PXE protocol? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
Answer: B, D

Question No : 10

Topic 7, System Maintenance

What does the -p3 option to the patch command do?
A. It will strip off path information from each file mentioned in the patch file up to and including the third / character.
B. patch continues execution as long as there are three or fewer errors.
C. It instructs patch to look up to three lines of context before or after the declared line in the original file for a match.
D. patch will keep three previous versions of each file in the output to prevent loss of change history.
E. It instructs patch to conform more strictly to the POSIX standard.
Answer: A

Question No : 11

What is the device name for the first SCSI tape drive on a system when used without automatic rewinding after each write operation? (Please specify the full path to the device.)
Answer: /dev/nst0

Question No : 12

Which /etc/hosts.allow entries will permit access to sshd for users from the subnet? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. sshd : 192.168.1.
B. sshd : 192.168.1
C. sshd : netmask
D. sshd :
E. sshd :
Answer: A, D

Question No : 13

A Linux server is running in single user mode for regular maintenance.  Which commands are used to restore the server to its usual runlevel? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. telinit 0
B. shutdown -r now
C. sync
D. shutdown -h now
E. reboot
Answer: B, E

Question No : 14

Which of the following best describes the format of the /etc/fstab file?
A. device name; filesystem type; mount point; mount options; dump filesystem; fsck order
B. device name; mount point; filesystem type; mount options; dump filesystem; fsck order
C. device name; mount point; mount options; filesystem type; dump filesystem; fsck order
D. mount point; filesystem type; device name; mount options; dump filesystem; fsck order
E. mount point; device name; filesystem type; mount options; dump filesystem; fsck order
Answer: B

Question No : 15

In the following output, what percentage of time was the CPU waiting for pending I/O?
# vmstat 1 100
-----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- --system-- ----cpu----
r  b     swpd   free   buff  cache   si   so    bi    bo   in    cs us sy id wa
0 0 0 282120 134108 5797012
0 0 0
2 0 0 0 0 100 0
0 0 0 282120 134108 5797012
0 0 0 0
1007 359 0 0 100 0
0 0 0 282120 134108 5797012
0 0 0 0
1117 577 0 0 100 0
0 0 0 282120 134108 5797012
0 0 0 0
1007 366 0 0 100 0
A. 0
B. 100
C. 35.9
D. 57.7
E. 36.6
Answer: A

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